Pressbrake Tooling

Quality press brake tooling from Gimec and Years of experience from Amtronics to supply the correct bending advise and press brake service.

Since 1986 Gimec is among the leading companies in the manufacturing of tools and equipment for sheet metal working.

In particular, we are specialized in providing tools for press brake and shear blades.

The methodical analysis of all materials used, the careful monitor of the product during the various stages of production and continued innovative research, help us to increase the high technological level reached in this area.

We are a compact and agile company , which daily works with passion and enthusiasm, characteristics that have always distinguished us in the market.

In a more and more competitive economy, we try to provide the best service with high quality products, designing and proposing effective and useful solutions.

Press brake tools
Special tools for press brake
Shear blades
Dies holder tables for press brakes with automatic crowning system

Fixtures for sheet metal working :
– squaring and goniometer for shears
– front reference for press brake
– cover film to bend the sheet metal without scratch
– forming die
– cabinet for press brake tools