Muratec – Punch

CNC Servo Motor Driven Ram Turret Punch Press

M2044TS / M2048TS

Servo Drive Pioneer Motorum has evolved to a new utilities

Muratec introduced world’s first servo driven punch press in 1994. Since then we our industry leading technology has evolved to meet the next generations needs. Here is the latest in our award winning Motorum series!

CNC Servo Motor Driven Ram Turret Punch Press

M3048TG / M3058TG

The New 30 Ton Solution
Latest Technology from the Inventor of the Electric Turret Punch Press.

Pyramid Base Design
Stability at maximum tonnage.

Muratec “Green” Machine
Environmentally friendly and power efficient.

Latest Process Integration Options
Reduce post processes with the latest machine and tooling technology. Supports tapping, forming, marking, deburring and various automation options.

Intelligent Control
New touch screen user interface assists the operator and increases machine productivity.