Muratec – Laser

Fiber Laser LS3015FC


  • Three-Axis Linear Drive System
  • Rigid Frame Design
  • Laser Head Supports Safe Operation
  • Fully Enclosed Cutting Area Enhances Safety
  • Internal ventilation provides a clean working environment
  • Double sliding doors provide easy access
  • Pallet Changer

Fiber Laser LS3015GC/ LS2512GC


  • 43% reduction of footprint (Compared to our conventional system)
  • Higher productivity – Less pallet exchange time, Reduction of product loading time
  • (Maximum 40% reduction compared to our conventional system)
  • Loading designed for less scratch – Belt linkage loading method achieves less scratch on the backside of materials
  • Sheet transfer for maximum 5 ‘× 10’ size with 16 mm thickness (During processing pallet)